A chance encounter

Dreamland Designs has some more furniture and decor goodies for us, with savings during Secret Sale Sunday, March 14th.  This is the Curled Arm Couch Set and Meevoo Old Cabinet.  (I read that as "meeroo" when I first opened it.  Oh, all the nests I still have - and I wonder why my inventory is overflowing.)  There is a realism and warmth to these pieces that span old world charm through modern living, and they are easily integrated.  

Happy shopping!


 Dreamland Designs - Curled Arm Couch Set
Bento Animations - PG on Sale / Adult 50% off
Meevoo Old Cabinet
Secret Sale Sundays! March 14th
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More Store Info:

Dreamland Designs - Ribolt Green Rug

Mithral * Hanging Hoya Set (Terracotta)


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