A surprising touch of autumn bursts forth

Don't worry - we still have a couple more weeks of summer.  And we virtual folks will continue to show summer shots well into winter anyway.  Our world blends the seasons to our will.  ;)  But!  Autumn is my fave!  Dreamland Designs has released some lovelies for the Secret Sale Sunday 09/05/21, today only.  The Oakley Autumn Sets are 50Ls each.  Brilliantly colored, these eyecatching pieces will sit perkily in your garden to wow your friends.  The stone pathways are perfect for placement wherever you need a walking direction.

Happy landscaping!


 Dreamland Designs - Oakley Autumn Sets
Daybed has Adult/PG Bento Animations
50Ls each / Secret Sale Sunday 09/05/21
♥ ♥ ♥
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