Anatomy Of A Look

In this post, I want to break down the construction of the look I've put together, particularly regarding my Genus Classic head.  More info on that below.

But first!  Words for my dear sponsor - IDEALIA.  I am wearing the Elisa necklace, a triple layered look, rigged for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink.  I am totally crazy over rigged jewelry, and I love this necklace!  (Note: also included is an unrigged version.)  The Roma rings are rigged for Maitreya, and a group gift!  These come with a texture hud and show/hide options for the rings.  

MOoH! has come up with a wonderful concept - a line of Basic wear.  This is the Basics Sandra Top, an off-shoulder casual crop top.  It includes a whole slew of fits and 50 colors on included hud! I'm excited to see other Basics that will be added to this line.

I also picked up Lamb's Honey Hair, part of the Saturday Sale line-up.  Honey is now 75Ls per color pack, and includes a style hud.  I bought 2 colors packs, and should go back and get more because the style is quite marveous.

< IDEALIA > - Elisa Necklace w/Texture Hud
Rigged for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, or Unrigged
< IDEALIA > - Roma Rings w/Texture Hud
Rigged for Maitreya
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More Store Info:

MOoH! - Basics Sandra Top
Multi-Fits and Hud w/50 Textures

Lamb. - Honey
The Saturday Sale

On to the head info!  As I mentioned, I'm wearing the Genus Classic head.  I have added Izzie's Baby Hairs hud, worn as a Tattoo layer to "finish" the look of the hair.  Awhile back, I picked up Belleza's Ruby makeup sets on a Fifty Lindens Friday sale.  I liked the look so much I bought the full Ruby pack.  In my current look, I have added SlackGirl's Shad11 eyeshadow (thank you for the notice in the Genus group, SlackGirl!-I hopped straight over to Marketplace and bought it), and changed the eyeshadow opacity level on my head hud to 70%.  The reason I like this set of shadows is because they include a thin liner for the lower lid.  This is not found very often!  I'm using the Nataly brow shape that came with my Genus head, because I like TheSkinnery's brow shape (extends more to the temples with the help of the Belleza applier).  For my lips, I have DeeTalez' Viktoria Genus applier - I added the HD Lips option from that hud, and changed the Lips opacity level on my Genus hud to 40%.  

It's not easy being beautiful.  ;)

Finally, I want to share two invaluable tips for wearing your Genus head:

1.  I've heard many complaints about how slowly applier changes load.  Not so!  Bypass the slowness - simply right click your face as if to edit the head.  Then click in your edit box when it comes up (you're not actually editing).  Voila, applier change complete!  Then just click out of your edit box, finis.

2.  I've also heard many complaints about the rigged Genus eyes.  I tend to keep mine in a straightforward, non-moving gaze by clicking the head AO hud, and a quick click in the center of the eye rotation control option.  However, if your eyes appear cross-eyed, too high or too low, not only can you resize your eyes on the universal head hud, but you can change their position!  There is no excuse for having poorly positioned rigged eyes with a Genus head.  ;)

I hope the tips were helpful.  I am always happy to help anyone with styling, shape or mechanics options, so feel free to ask.

Happy shopping!

Izzie's - Baby Hairs Hairbase LAQ-Omega 
SlackGirl - GenusShad11 (Genus) - Marketplace Item
-Belleza- Ruby (Genus) - Sunkissed
.euphoric ~Seduction Eyes Applier (Genus)
DeeTaleZ - *Viktoria* HD Lips (Hud)
GENUS Project - Genus Bento Head CLASSIC Face w/Nataly Brows Shape
Maitreya Lara Body/Hands-Bento/Feet

Image Essentials - End of Innocence V1-Curves, Pose 2m
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More Store Info:

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