Community Pool's Open!

A little sun, water and loungers - instant party!  Find these items at the Boardwalk Event but only until August 15th.  Featured designers are Simple Reflections, Circa and Roawenwood.  I had a lot of fun setting up this shot, which means you will too while using them!  Play in the pool or lounge; there are plenty of spots to perch in your skimpies.  ;)

Happy shopping!


Simple Reflections - Pool Deck Add On v3, Beach Umbrella, Retro Radio
Pool can be connected to Linden Continental or Winchester Homes,
or standalone with other homes or areas.
Boardwalk Event

[CIRCA] Living - "Baja Sun" Beach Lounger
50% off Boardwalk Event

Roawenwood - Beachbum Beatnick Set
Sling Chair, Accent Table w/Cloth, Rug
Boardwalk Event

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The Boardwalk Event
July 15th until August 15th
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CJ Creations - Flowerfields
Baptisia Fuchsia, Exotic Green Leaf + White Daisy

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