After the end of The Princess Bride

For Buttercup, freedom was wherever she and Westley could be together, and the happiest of places was home.  After so much time apart and so many harrowing adventures, they welcomed the opportunity to just simply be.  Together.  After a ride Buttercup returned home, where Westley is waiting, and always will be.  After all, it is as she wishes!

Read this story to a child.  They will thank you for it.


E.V.E - Virtual Poppies (Gacha)

Eudora3D - Buttercup Pumps & Socks

[Teegle] - "Aphrodite" the Arabian Horse

3rd Eye Perceptions - Secret Tree Entrance

Serenity Style - Old Peasant House

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February 8th through March 3rd
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Stealthic - Cascade Hair
.LeLutka. - NOVA Bento Head/Rigged Eyes (Evolution Series)
Glam Affair - Avril Applier for Lelutka Evolution Heads
Colivati - Essential Eyeliner (LeL Evolution HD) - Direct to MP
Izzie's Dimples (Lelutka)
Maitreya Lara Bento Body
Blacklace - Pippa Lingerie

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