*Spicy* Bodyshop for the Skin Fair!

I'm just hangin' around waiting for the Skin Fair to open.  As are we all, hmm?  This highly anticipated, yearly event will open its doors on March 13th.  When you arrive, be sure to find *Spicy* Bodyshop's kiosk for Audrey.  This skin is glorious!  She will bring your Lelutka Evolution to life as never before with a soft, creamy, extremely kissable complexion.  I added components from my "signature look" - Colivati eyeliner and Izzie's dimples.

Thank you, Veronika Ticha, for my fantastic new look!  You have truly outdone yourself.

Note:  I'm also using one of Veronika's Spicy Windlights for the shot.  You can find them for download HERE.

Happy shopping!


*Spicy* Bodyshop - Audrey (Lelutka Evolution) - BOM
Wearing Peach Tone Light Eyebrows (Medium Pack)
For SKIN FAIR 2020 ending March 29th
Presented by TAOX Tattoo and Pale Girl Productions
♥ ♥ ♥

Magika Fiona Hair
.LeLutka. - NOVA Bento Head/Rigged Eyes (Evolution Series)
Colivati - Essential Eyeliner (LeL Evolution HD) - Direct to MP
Izzie's Dimples (Lelutka)


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