Autumn flower stand

CJ Creations' offerings at Swank this month are delightful.  Autumn is definitely in the air!  The decor is lovely and versatile for indoors and out.  I had already taken a shot, THEN read the notecard (don't do as I do, do as I say, lol).  Retook the shot because touching the grass surrounding the wooden straw cart adds even more landscaping decor!  I enjoyed creating my autumn flower stand.

I also tried the animations.  Many have rezzing props - omg, a little bird!  I'm going to put the cart in front of my home to use the animations.  The potted plants should do nicely on my porch.  Interweave these items into your own living space, you will love them.

Happy shopping!


Farm Wooden Straw Cart for Single-Couple + Props
(Touch Grass for 4 diff. Deco Props surrounding)
Pampas Grass with Papyrus in ceramic Vase
Allium light pink or purple in ceramic Planter
Evergreen Autumn + blue flowers in ceramic Planter 2er Set 
Autumn Wreath Table Hydrangea with Berrys
Autumn Wreath Table Rose Arrangement

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