My First Tattoo

On June 1st, the Olala Fashion Event returns! Here are two preview goodies to share with you in this post, along with some other great releases. Topping the bill, since it's a surprising item to find featured on Laura's Lair, is this tattoo by Black Butterflii. My first tattoo! I was very hesitant. But I love it! The design is simple yet elegant. Everyone has their own style, and tattoos, as with so many other things, are extremely personal. This is a lovely example of what Black Butterflii offers and it will be available at Olala.
All poses are by XXY and also available at Olala in June. The collection is called "I Am a Diva." How many of us have our diva moments? Or maybe more than moments? I Am A Diva poses look great at any angle. Pick these up for your diva times!
My tank is by Virtual Diva. I really like this one - the texture and colors prompt a vintage-to-modern style. It's cropped in the front for cute belly exposure and longer in the back. The back edge has a nice preparatory bottom curve so it molds over these brand-new NoName jeans instead of issues wearing the pieces together. NoName Tara jeans come with a Hud for 6 different color options, making them a fine option to grab for many different looks.
Stars! presents depicted jewelry in an Earth Stones set. Bet you can't pick just one color set! This hairstyle is by Asset, called Consuelo. The item includes small flowers up top, and a larger array in the back, and yes, there's a colorchange Hud.
It's shoe shopping time! Glow Designs created my Straps Heels Crystal. Price is 99Ls each, or 199Ls for the fatpack, in a promo just on Marketplace. Direct link to Marketplace item HERE!
Featured is another pretty color on the Hud of Tashi Spring Slink Nails. Very springlike, very feminine, time to go get it!
Happy shopping!


Black Butterflii { BB } - InWorld Marketplace
Wallflower Back Tattoo - Black Omega
At June 2015 Olala Fashion Event!!!

POSES:  XXY - InWorld Facebook
I Am a Diva 1, 3, 4
At June 2015 Olala Fashion Event!!!

SUGARUSH - InWorld Marketplace Website 
Elsa _Bronze_ 06 _Eyebrow C

> Asset < Consuelo Hair

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eye (Palest True Grey)

Virtual Diva - InWorld / Marketplace Facebook
Freedom Lace Pink

NoName - InWorld / Marketplace / Website
[nn] Tara Jeans

.:Glow Designs:. - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Straps Heels Crystal - Remember, promo on Marketplace HERE!!!!

Stars!  InWorld Marketplace Website 
Fruit Cocktail Necklace, Earrings

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Mayfly - Menagerie Accent Bangles (Group Gift)

Spring (Slink Nails)