Enchantment - Angelique's Dream in Barbary

From the balcony of Angelique's quarters, she saw the soldiers escorting Colin Pasturel, the Christian slave, to the palace. Even from a distance, she could see how handsome he was...tall with broad shoulders. Sun lightened tendrils escaped his attempt to tie his long hair back. She gasped at his attractiveness, even in this setting and dire situation. He had been caught, and she knew from the whisperings she'd overheard that the Sultan may very well torture him for his successes in freeing other slaves.

That night she dreamt of him. They were in a tub amid beautiful surroundings and Colin held her close. The warm water swirled around them. As he caressed Angelique, he whispered comfortingly to her that soon they would be free. She awoke to find her lashes wet from her tears.


Furniture/Decor - 3rd Eye Perceptions
Dusklight Star Bath - PG/Adult Animations
Chest Table, Lanterns
Enchantment !!

Decor - *paper moon*
Fairy Tale Illustrations Set
Showing Arabian Nights: Sleeping Potion
Hunt Item !!
Enchantment !!

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Enchantment - August 12th through 30th !!
THEME:  One Thousand & One Arabian Nights
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-Garden- by {anc} "secret garden"
gazebo and walldrop pieces

Lighting - LUMIPro 2017

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