Smells Like Sweet Perfume

You know you put a spell on me
I'm under your command
Your laughter sets my soul on fire
My heart is in your hands
Your words of passion fool my senses
And echo in my brain
I dream of you and of the things you do
And slowly go insane

I am your prisoner, in a cage of love and lust
Dying for a word from you, longing for your touch

Smells like sweet perfume
I don't know what to do
Smells like sweet perfume
Because I'm hooked on you

I've been down so many times
Feeling lost and lonely
You give me shelter from the cold
You - my one and only
Every breath I take smells of you
Magic's in the air
And I cannot escape the scent
Because it's everywhere

                       ~~ Sweet Perfume, Shakra

(HARD rock - good song/great lyrics!)


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