InsurreKtion At The Boardwalk Event For Your Home Photo Studio

I love this furniture/decor set called Ethnic Collection I by [InsurreKtion].  Quite simply, it has a lotta wonderful stuff included!  Texture change nut that I am, I'm happy to report the chairs and cushy stools have color options for that little extra pop of color if you want it.  I am animatedly sitting in one of the chairs modeling it for you.  I waved but you blinked and missed it.  This is an extremely versatile living set.  The little tables are fun too; see how they can be used together or separately?  When you pick this up, show me your arrangement - I set up mine in a corner style with chairs and tables turned to the actual studio area complete with animal prints, sumptuous velvets, candles, and nude art, over...there...~~~> oops, out of viewing range.  ;)

There is still time to go to pick up this set and more at the Boardwalk Event.  Happy shopping!


[InsurreKtion] - Ethnic Collection I
Chairs Adult or PG w/Texture Change
Pieces Sold Separately or Full Set (Lamps/Spotlight only in Full Set)
Boardwalk Event until February 15th

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The Boardwalk Event
Round 2 - January 15th until February 15th
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