And Suddenly, A Raindale Moment

Raindale released this marvelous Oulington Bed!  It's available now at the Equal10 event until August 5th.  The bed includes your choice of PG/Adult with lovely animations, a texture change hud and on/off light options.  This brand makes many items that are cohesive with other releases, which had me foraging in my inventory for this shot.  I didn't have to look long for more pretties that worked!  All decor/furniture is by Raindale.  

Happy shopping!


Raindale - Oulington bed
Equal10 until August 5th
Raindale - Auribonne shed
Raindale - Challor planter - white (previous TLC gift)
Raindale - Borlon drapes
Raindale -  Laverton gacha - Grandfather Clock, Branches Gold
Raindale -  Springhall
Chair, Candlestick, Wreath
Raindale -  Meadowbloom gacha
Frame (Blue)
 ♥ ♥
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