All dolled up and everywhere to go

I chose long lyrics for this pic!  They're after the credits this time.  Cute/serious song, and actually very appropriate for us as avatars.  Shown here are some pretty accessories by Zuri Jewelry and Stunner Originals at Swank this month, perfect for the holidays.  And Nuve released the perfect skin for Kaya, Lelutka's new gift head.  The skin is Angie by Nuve; it's free to the VIP members and group join is free.  Opt to purchase the matching makeup found at the store.

Happy shopping!


Zuri Jewelry - Sugarplum Collection - Rock Candy Christmas

Stunner Originals - Three Set Bento Nails - Basic

♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥

Nuve - Angie Skin/Brows - BOM
Lelutka EvoX
VIP GROUP GIFT until December 24th
Group is FREE to join until December 24th
Nuve - (Matching) Angie Makeup
Optional PURCHASE @ Main Store
Nuve - Dimples 70% BOM
Nuve - Body V4
♥ ♥ ♥

DOUX - Karol Hairstyle
.LeLutka. - KAYA 3.1 Bento Head (EvoX)
Avi-Glam - Ascension Eyes Anthem until December 30th
LIVIA - Willow Bento Rings
erratic / cynthia - ruffle dress
Maitreya - Lara Bento Body

 STUN Poses - Kelsi 1
Persefona - Glitter Photo Set 11

First, we'll pluck a little here
Then, we'll tuck a little there
Then, we'll cut a little loose and apply a little mousse
To what seems to be your hair
Then, we'll do a little tweeze
Then, we'll do a little more
Then, we'll wax, and then, we'll bleach
'Til you're smoother than a peach
Or at least a little smoother than you were before

To me, you look okay
But if you truly want me to
We'll sculpt and mold
And change and fix you anyway

Hey (Hey), we're getting all dolled up
Going with the flow, looking so appealing
Hey (Hey), 'cause when you're all dolled up
No one has to know just how flawed you're feeling
Hey, if you can hide what's shining through
You'll see a whole new you

So we'll try a little mask
It'll open up your pores
Then we'll rub some lotion in
Then we'll soften up your skin
So it doesn't look like yours
Then we'll moisten up your lips (Yeah, yeah)
Buff your toenails to a T (Yeah, yeah)
And we'll powder up your nose
Or in your case, I suppose
We'll just put a little powder where your nose should be

Hey (Hey), we're getting all dolled up
Blend in with the crowd like we know we've got to
Hey (Hey), 'cause when you're all dolled up
That's when you're allowed to pretend you're not you
Hey, once you conceal what's real and true
You'll see a whole new you

Everyone, choose your weapons!
Step one, find the trendiest of outfits
Step two, pick the one that just about fits
Step three, this is absolutely key
Choose it not for you, but for who you wanna be
And then, once you know which look you're into
Say when, and I guess we can begin to squeeze
And stretch and stuff until we nail the whole display

Hey (Hey), we're getting all dolled up
Feeling fresh and free, looking oh, so juice
Hey (Hey), 'cause when you're all dolled up
People only see what you want them to see
Hey, once who you are is hidden from view
You'll be a whole new you
You'll be a whole new you
You'll be a whole new you

Yeah, we're getting all dolled up
Gosh, though how I wish that I didn't need to
Sure, look at me, all dolled up
Stuck playing a part someone else agreed to
Ooh, if I could choose who I could be
I'd choose a whole new me
I'd choose a whole new me
I'd choose a whole new me

                        ~~All Dolled Up, Janelle MonĂ¡e

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