Kitteh preparing to swipe incessantly ringing thing to the floor

I had taken this shot several days ago - then SHINY THING SYNDROME! - I forgot to finish and post.  Sigh.  Hurry over to Equal10 to pick up CHEZ MOI FURNITURES' Luxury Bedroom Set.  The texture options are very appealing for this lovely set, and it really does just purrrrrrr luxury.  ;)

Happy shopping!


CHEZ MOI FURNITURES - Luxury Bedroom Set
Equal10 until December 6th
More Info HERE
♥ ♥ ♥

JIAN Chubby Loaf Cat
.peaches. - Skye's Travel Clutter
Raindale -Brightsong room divider 2 (white)

dust bunny - paradise plants . fan palm . pink
dust bunny - paradise plants . monstera tree . with lights

[Park Place] -White Berber Area Rug

Impressionist touch cycle frame (possibly no longer available)

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