Beach Baby

I had a lot of fun putting these pics together with beloved sponsor items! Sometimes the items just line up so well for coordination, each highlighted on their own yet complimenting each other.

This is Alana from Phoenix Hair. She gives us a nice windblown or mermaid effect, and will be perfect for photo shoots or playing outdoors. I captured a few different streak colors for your purchase consideration.

This cute outfit from NoName is Loni - Top and Skirt. How perfect for beach romps. The pieces come with a color hud, and I have shown a few colors here. Irrie's Dollhouse created the bow-adorable mules for Slink mid-feet, with color hud, along with the bag and pillow. All these items are featured at the Aloha Fair!

Beachball poses, anyone? Eternal Dream Poses released these for an event last month. I was slow on the draw getting these featured on my blog. What with getting partnered (BIG SMILE) thus setting up house, and the Hair Fair (cough) I ran out of time. Eternal Dream will have these set up in the main store soon, check back. I recently featured Eternal Dream's Surfers pose collection HERE. Original, awesome poses, look to Eternal Dream!

These are more near-orgasmic nail polishes from ZOZ.  Yes, I said it, they're so gorgeous they're on THAT level. I just came on board recently blogging for them and missed a special day when these were featured, but couldn't resist sharing them with you. They will be out in the store soon; look for these - you WILL get distracted with other gorgeousness for your nails. Whispering - check out the MESH NAILS too. The distinct clarity and vivid colors will take us all to a new level of nail near-orgasm. Yep. I will be working with these in upcoming posts.

Did you notice the pretty poses I used for the upclose polish pics?  Thank you, Image Essentials! I was wandering in the store and zero'd in on these. Ladies, I think you'll see benefits to these even if you're not a blogger. Have a pretty (very special? smile) ring and you want pics for your photo collection? What a nice way to share the happiness, capture the moments.

Have fun shopping!

SUGARUSH SKIN - InWorld Marketplace Website
Edda _ Bronze _ 02 _Eyebrow B

:::Phoenix::: - InWorld Marketplace
Alana Hair [Fitted Mesh]
Release for the Mix Event! This is a hud-based monthly shopping event,
each designer will put out an item in their main store.
More info about the event HERE

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eye (Palest True Grey)

NoName - InWorld / Marketplace / Website
[nn] Loni Top & Skirt
An Exclusive, @ Aloha Fair 2015, until August 10th!!
Also at the Fair is the Oceana dress which I previously bogged HERE.

Irrie's Dollhouse - InWorld Marketplace Website
Beach Babies Exclusives
Summer Mules 180Ls, with color hud; Summer Bag 75Ls
Sea Memories Pillow - Free Gift! - 100% original mesh
Aloha Fair 2015, until August 10th!!

-{ZOZ}- InWorld Marketplace
Flower Charmed French Polish (Slink)
Check at the store for availability soon.

POSES:  Eternal Dream - InWorld Marketplace Facebook
Beachball 01-07
This set was just recently featured at an event;
check at the store for availability soon.

POSES:  Image Essentials - Inworld Marketplace
Accessorise 1(b) - 6m, 5m