A Bridge of Intimacy in Second Life

I met my partner in Second Life almost six years ago. As a newbie to this expansive virtual world, I was constantly flitting around, amazed by things...and easily distracted. It's a wonder he continued to talk to me - I was very much like Dug the dog in the Pixar movie "Up," - communicating in one moment, then announcing excitedly, "Squirrel!"

We stayed in touch over the years, and now, here we are about to celebrate our one year anniversary as a couple. This evening we shared a lovely time on Chez Moi's Iron Garden Bridge (Serenity) and really appreciated the loving animations included. It's a beautiful build like this that bring couples closer, through visual expression. The actual feelings sparked by these intimate poses are tangible. 

Thank you, Chez Moi. Tomorrow, I will be flitting around again - my excitement over Second Life has not waned ("Squirrel!")...but in this very moment, I understand why I'm here.


* CHEZ MOI FURNITURES * - Iron Garden Bridge Serenity
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