Wonderland Nights by Outside The Box!

Everyone else slept in this morning, so I enjoyed some solitary moments with coffee, daydreaming.

(I think being a little bonkers is required for interesting brilliance.)

What would I like to experience in Second Life, a virtual word of dreams coming true? ;) I know! I'd like to be...a harem girl with a handsome master. Well, ok, not "a" harem girl, THE harem girl.

And with the snap of my fingers, my SL wish came true! I'm appropriately clad in a lovely gown and jewels befitting any princess who awaits the arrival of the Sultan.

But I wonder when he'll arrive?

I'd better strike a pose.

I guess now I have to wait for a Second Life guy who suddenly thinks, hey, I know what I want to do today! Be a sultan with THE harem girl....


Hair - EMO-tions - * ALISHA *

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Lighting:  LUMIPro 2016