Remember The Days of AOL Chat?

I'll do it - I'll date myself by asking if anyone remembers the days of AOL Chatrooms and Instant Messages. Fun times, actually! That was my first venture into making online friends. (Well, there was that one weird experience prior to that, odd little chatrooms where you could stick a thumbnail face pic on your cartoon body, and help others figure out how to make thumbnail pics and no one understood the chatroom well enough to discuss much of anything else, but I digress.) Did you ever get an IM on AOL like this? "What are you wearing?" Really? Out of all the things that could be discussed they'd ask what I'm wearing. It was often a t-shirt and cotton drawstring pants, sometimes a robe tossed over it if the house was cold. And socks. Uhm, footies, actually. White. At first I completely missed the "point" of the question. Ahhh. Okay. THIS is what I was wearing. Cough.

Fast forward to present time with our Second Life fashion joy! I absolutely adore dressing up, don't you? For example, Black Swan's Virtue dress - this is a new store release, and I'm not really sure how long a gal will stay virtuous wearing it! But please, try it and report back. Included also are gloves and seamed stockings. Sure, sure, virtuous. :)

At The Thrift Shop, NanTra is featuring the Walk of Shame pose set, and I'm using one of the poses above. I morphed it into more as a sexy pose for the back of Black Swan's dress, but doesn't it look like it IS a walk of shame? Oh poor little thing, head bowed, small steps, dragging feet. Lots of interesting uses for these poses.

Below is a closeup of Chop Zuey's Harlow Creed jewelry set. It's texture change! This set is gothic elegance. I particularly like the bracelet baubles that defy gravity in the pic below. You know, just if your hands are up. Otherwise, they behave normally. ;) But seriously, I love this set! Now you all are going to buy this set and keep your hands up, aren't you. I knew it. No, no, ladies, hold your hand out to have it kissed!

By the way, at Uber I picked up Glam Affair's Catwa applier called Kumi, and am wearing it with my Candy mesh head. Finally, I'm happy with Catwa! Took me three different heads to do it! (Linden faint) I see bloggers using the other heads and they look gorgeous. I put them on and freak out, dunno.

Notice my Rezology hair? This is Wisp, and below in the credits I've included the direct Marketplace link. This is a marvelous non-rigged mesh updo that spans from cute as a button to sleek, sexy and stylish all rolled into one. With the Candy head and Rezology hair combo, last night my partner commented that I look like Barbie. Works for me! I doooo like playing dress-up. I think I have more junk in the trunk than Barbie does, twisting and looking down to check.

Kitty is still staring at me, isn't he. He wants in.

The "CLARICE" Room Set - In Smoke is made by [Circa]. Lots of animations on the chaise, ladies! Look for this set soon at [Circa]'s main store. It's really beautiful.

I know he's still staring at me....

OMG, love these Catwa lashes. With my Mayfly Eyes. Yep. Need I say more?

ZOZ has released Glitter Floral nail polish at Cosmopolitan! Go check out these, and the Tips version, they're quite delightful. Our nails deserve to be as glamorized as the rest of us.

I'd better let the kitty in now. Happy shopping!


Skin - Glam Affair - w/ Catwa Applier - Kumi - Jamaica

Hair - Rezology Marketplace

Eyes - Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Deep Lake)

Jewelry - Chop Zuey - Main Store / Sky Boutique / Website Facebook Flickr
Harlow Creed Texture Change Set
Includes Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets,
Ring & Extra Pendants
Click to Enlarge Ad Pic

! Black Swan !  - Inworld / Marketplace
Virtue Dress
Classic, Slink, TMP & Omega Appliers

Nails -{ZOZ}- 
Glitter Floral I Polish for Slink, Maitreya, Omega & Zoz Mesh
Huds with NINE colors!
@ Cosmopolitan through May 21st !!

Pose - {NanTra} - InWorld / Marketplace
Walk of Shame Set - 1
@ The Thrift Shop
Click to Enlarge Ad Pic

Pose - Frozen - Face Pose 01

Also Wearing:
CATWA mesh head (Candy), Maitreya Lara body & hands, 
Slink feet

Furniture - [CIRCA] - InWorld
"CLARICE" Room Set - In Smoke
45 female pose animations on chaise
Previously @ Color Me Project / Find @ InWorld Store Soon

Window - SASU Creations - Marketplace

Kitty in the Window Natural Wood Red

Lighting:  LUMIPro 2016