Don't Go Near The Gingerbread House

"And that, my dear, is why we never go near the gingerbread house!" Gretel always tried to keep her toddler safe, but she had a habit of wandering away as soon as mommy's head was turned. Maybe the story would help her little one remember not to wander so far away. Gretel could only hope. She cast a last, apprehensive look back at the gingerbread house, and they hurried home.

Outfits - Whymsical Marketplace
Gretel Gacha
Romper - Standard Mesh Sizing & Texture Hud
Heels for Slink Mid
Sunny Day Blonde Hair

Thanks so much to Bambi4U Woodford for Toddleedoo-ing it for me for this pic. Bambi is wearing Whymsical Marketplace's Gretel TD Baby Outfit!

Witch's Gingerbread House, by Whymsical Marketplace!

Enchantment Event !!


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