I Think There's a Christmas Tree Stalking Me

I have a bad habit as a blogger of trying to blog a bunch of big things and little things in the same post. I wind up with dozens of pics and a whole novel of credits. So! Instead, I'm breaking this up into two posts, to show you first the "little" things! (And that Christmas tree which appears to be stalking me...more on that beautiful blinkie tree in my next post.)

From the top of my head to my toes - no wait, chest - Virtual Diva has released this hairstyle called Pinup! It is incredibly elegant and you can go nuts with jewelry and hair baubles. I especially like the texturing with roots. I suppose that's not so much of an issue with the ultra-dark haired ladies, but for blondes, redheads, brunettes, everybody up TO that point, roots give depth and tend to bring the hair to life.

My eyes and eyeshadow are marvelous items by La Boheme which can be found until the end of the month - rapidly approaching! - at We <3 Roleplay. These eyes, OMG. I highly endorse them. I'm wearing the mesh eyes, and system eyes are also included. There's even a mesh set included materials-enabled. See how glisteny even the non- is? The Catwa applier eyeshadows are stunning; this set is Calli. La Boheme's pricing is affordable and even more so at events - you'll want to grab these before Nov. 30th.

My jewelry is another jaw-droppingly lovely set by Zuri Rayna. This is the Pandora Antique Collection in Alexandrite/Black. I have included another pic so you can see the back too. This makes such an exquisite gift! And with Christmas coming up, gents? Better start looking for gems for your sweetheart, Zuri Jewelry is a sure fire bet to produce beaming smiles!


Skin - Lara Hurley - Gia Applier for Catwa Candy, & Lips (Midtone)
w/ Maitreya Body Applier Izzie's Dimples (Catwa)

Mesh Eyes - La Boheme - Corona Set 2 - 3
Eyeshadow - La Boheme - Calli *Catwa Applier*
We <3 Roleplay until Nov. 30th !!

Hair - Virtual Diva - InWorld / Marketplace / Facebook / Flickr
Pinup Hair
Includes Hud with 12 Tones (Roots)

Jewelry - Zuri Rayna Jewelry - InWorld Website Facebook Flickr
Pandora Antique Collection - Alexandrite/Black
Necklace, Earrings (set includes Matching bracelets)

Lighting - LUMIPro 2016