Review of Backdrop City

Yes, I did it, and I'll admit it amid the controversy. I explored Backdrop City. And well, it's a cornucopia of backdrops for bloggers and anyone wanting to take pics with cool backdrops! My hat's off to MiaJolina for offering up her sim to the public. 

Sparky has now declared himself King of the Pallets. He barks to maintain his standing in case there are similarly sized rodents vying for the title.

The positives: We bloggers et al. now have a central place to hunt for suitable backdrops, which makes our "job" easier. I don't anticipate much trouble using the areas - since these are a collection of backdrops it's obvious when someone is using one; we can easily steer around them so as not to interrupt their set-ups. The sim is set up categorically, and LMs to areas can now be found at the main entrance. 

Here's a huge plus from a creator and consumer standpoint - I am also becoming acquainted with the work of creators previously unknown to me. Like this backdrop by [Wartz] - Alleyway, a rare from a gacha collection. It may be that I live on my platform too much, or tend to blog items that are not alley-worthy? lol But I was completely unaware of this brand, and what awesome work! I'm really psyched about finding new brands and what I can buy-buy-buy. ;)

The negatives: I am aware that some backdrop creators are upset. Since I'm not a backdrop creator I can't put myself in their shoes, but I can try to empathize as they share their concerns. It seems that MiaJolina has only the best of intentions, and there are clear indications that she is flexible. I say give this a chance. Many folks prefer to buy their own backdrops and stage detailed set-ups on their own platforms. And often, backdrops will blend into someone's own creativity and they are left out as part of their virtual environment. I don't think that will change. 

I do, however, think it is absolutely essential that bloggers provide links/information about the backdrops themselves when using them at Backdrop City. The sim has a reminder note to do that, and a good blogger knows to do that anyway. So maybe that's not a negative after all.

Time will prove how this develops. It will be very interesting to see.  One thing is for sure - no matter how differing opinions start - this is a time for discussion, not name-calling and fighting. I think this is a prime example of figuring something out as a community.


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