Dream like a bohemian, work like a boss

Dream like a bohemian, work like a boss.
a/k/a But mother, I AM finished decorating!

I truly love the eclectic world of a bohemia.  It's really a way of thinking that can blend into all aspects of life.  It's rejoicing and celebrating freedom and beauty.  Color combos can be quite vivid, or subdued but with intriguing patterns that often seem to clash yet fuse to take you for a fun visual ride.  I love bright, bold colors so my soul is content.

Happy shopping at Swank!


=Mirage= Boho Loft Bed - Adult
Animations & Extensive Texture Change

Silk Floral Curtains (Black)
Floral Cabinet
Jade Ottoman (Purple)
Bohemian Dish Decor

(Note: Marvelous huge collection, more at event!)
Tapestry Orange & Teal
Boho Elephant with Light
Teal Tall Vase with Sticks
House Trees
Chair/Table w/Decor Evo's Boho Swank Exclusive
Painted Wooden Cat
Gold & Aqua Ruq
House Plant
Boho Elephants Color
Teal Vase Fower Arrangement
♥ ♥ ♥
Swank - Boho Chic - May Round
♥ ♥ ♥

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