Here In Ruins Love Remains

Seeking grace and beauty in the wreckage
Pure wisdom hides away in the decay
The shadowed truth foretold the message
The darkest heart can lead the right way

Here in ruins life still grows
Here in ruins, a blooming rose
Here in ruins love remains
We will rise again

So don't let your downfall be destiny
Don't blame the stars
So don't let your downfall be destiny
The moment is ours

                 ~~Ruins, Lord of the Lost

This stunning build is the Romantic Lost Ruin by Dreamland Designs.  It's at Swank now, but only until the end of the month...like, tomorrow...so hurry!  This is one of those builds that you rezz, then you just stand there with your jaw dropped.  The Romantic Lost Ruin is perfect for landscaping and photographs - it's a must have.

I must also give a huge thanks to Bren Kenin and the rest of the team at Gooseberry Estates.  It's such a beautiful place to live with unending photo ops and landscaping background.


 Dreamland Designs - Romantic Lost Ruin
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Location - My Home @ Gooseberry Estates

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