Nap or garden, garden or nap

Oh let's just do both since the weather is getting nice, finally!  

This Sunday, May 16th, hop over to Dreamland Designs to pick up these pretty pieces for your patio.  The Bora Beach Lounger also includes the Cute Beach Bag - and it's definitely cute!  The PG version is 50Ls as are the other decor pieces.  The Adult version is 50% off during 24-hour sale so savings there too.

Happy Sunday shopping!


 Dreamland Designs - Secret Sale Sunday May 16th (24 hrs only)
Each Item 50Ls (one exception below)

Bora Beach Lounger w/Cute Beach Bag
PG is 50L, Adult version is 50% off during Sale

Gardeners Decor Mailbox
Gardeners Decor Chair
Garden Standing Planter

♥ ♥ ♥
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