I'll always wait for you

Time passes slowly
Your arms wrapped around me
Frozen in time, the hours go by
Side by side
Your hand's cold, gripped to mind

When I'm with you
No one else is in the room
Come back to me soon
I'll always wait for you

I'll swear on whatever you want me to

                  ~~Home, by Warm

When I set up furniture by Dreamland Designs, I can always equate it to a mood.  A story romance - one of longing and love, and a feeling of forever.  The setup becomes a place of respite and of sharing.  I think you'll feel it too.


Dreamland Designs - Jamie Collection
Adult/PG Bento
For Secret Sale through May 2nd
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Mithral Mounted String of Hearts (White)
Mithral Hederaceum Pendant Planter (Gold)

Kraftwork Sienna's American Pleat Curtain


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