Dance Like There's Nobody Watching

You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.
                                  ~~William W. Purkey
I really enjoyed putting together this post. Let me know what you think! My skin is Sugarush's Lila. This particular makeup set is quite interesting - it can be used for many different bold looks. What crosses my mind is Lolita, Goth, Mardi Gras or anything costume related or an evening affair when bolder makeup accentuates in the dark.

The Eyes by Candace Hudson are wonderful with luster and shading, so lifelike! Candace has many colors from which to choose. Of course, you might not make it to the eye section without seeing other things you need. Put on your blinders if that's all you want to see!

This Tameless Hair is Esme - long, luxurious and beautiful. Come get lost in the store with me for several hours with so many striking hairstyles, clothes and accessories!
My pretty FLRN dress and Bougie! nails are available now at the gloriously bigger Olala Fashion Event. Both come in beautiful color sections. The Olala Event features designer exclusives at discounts.  Catch them quickly!

Curvy Me Anklets by Promagic complete my outfit. They are exquisite and prizes in my inventory! Promagic also has a new store location. Visit and see which marvelous foot adornments must come home with you too!
Two poses are featured here, and both are fantastic. Really, what would we do doing without poses? Laying on the floor, inert? No, that's still a pose! :) Add these UNiQ PhaZe and XXY poses to your collection.

Irrie's Dollhouse has released a set of beautiful wall textures, which includes the one featured here. There are many different colors, some with adorable wall stencils. I'll add them to more posts in the future for a sampling of the different textures, but you can go check them all out without waiting for me.

Are these furnishings by Serenity Style cute or what? Hop over to the FashionTropic Event to see them and more. Serenity Style always offers unique items to brighten our SL homes.

See you next post! I hope everyone is enjoying summer and enjoying time with friends, both in RL and SL.


SUGARUSH SKIN - InWorld Marketplace Website
Lila _Bronze_ 04 _Eyebrow B

HAIR:  Tameless - InWorld / Marketplace / Website
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Hudson's Clothing Co.  InWorld / Marketplace
Easter Morning Pale Sea
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[FLRN] - InWorld / Marketplace / Facebook / Blog
Alena Bow Dress V1
At July 2015 Olala Fashion Event - NOW!!!!

*PROMAGIC* - InWorld Marketplace Facebook
Curvy Me Anklet-  RoseGold

NAILS - ::!BOUGIE!:: - InWorld
Flower Tribal Nail Art Hud (Slink)
At July 2015 Olala Fashion Event - NOW!!!!

POSE:  UNiQ PhaZe - InWorld Marketplace Website
Ballet 1
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POSE:  XXY - InWorld Facebook
Waiting 2
At July 2015 Olala Fashion Event - NOW!!!!

Irrie's Dollhouse - InWorld Marketplace Website
*Cellestial Night & Day* Wall Texture
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Serenity Style - InWorld / Marketplace Website
My Fashion Doll Collection
Doll, Dresser, Mirror, Boxes
Available at the FashionTropic Event Now!!!!
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