Summer Time

Enjoying your summer both RL and SL? Here are some niceties for your hot season in SL! My Summertime tank is from Tooty Fruity, and I really love it. I decided to wear the white to really make it stand out in my post, but there are lots of colors from which to choose to suit your preference. This is the Omega Applier option on my Maitreya Lara mesh body. Notice the elegant square that cuts into a V at the front opening, tres chic! The next pic shows the back with double thin straps for a lovely extra detail. For the wow price, you can stock up on colors too! These tops also come in a system version, ladies.
This Wasabi Pills hairstyle is FREE at Hair Fair 2015!  F-r-e-e, and cute as a button.

I had been eyeing the mini skirt by Absolut Vendetta for awhile. Taking the purchase plunge inworld, I'm very happy with it. The skirt does include a hud for many color changes. This one is specifically for Maitreya, so it fits perfectly and automatically takes care of the alphas. As an aside, see more Absolut Vendetta on a previous post HERE.  (Concentrate on the outfit, I didn't blog as well last year! Wink) I was wearing my Slink Physique mesh body in those pics. Later, I checked it with Maitreya Lara and those items worked beautifully. Just a reminder that you already know!--try a demo first, both you and the designer will appreciate it! ;)

My friend Johnny Ringo of Pinks Shoes gave me the depicted test shoes. Ok, I'm testing them! I can't believe he's actually put me in platforms again, so not my usual style...but I have to admit, don't my legs go on forever? Oh, is THAT your strategy, Johnny?? Someone is very clever! But what are you going to name them? Keep a lookout for the debut of these beauties!
Finally, I have taken some shots of Circa's "Beach Tropic" set. This is a fabulous set for soaking up the sun in furniture style and comfort, be that in your back yard or actual beach setting.
My sweetheart appeared while I had SL minimized and working on post credits. What a marvelous surprise! He was so conveniently in the frame for pics, he gets included. I'm so glad he doesn't...usually...mind.  lol
 Join me for some sun and let's hang out!

/Wasabi PillsPepper Mesh Hair - Sorbet
Free Gift at Hair Fair 2015!!!

Absolut Vendetta -Mini skirt leather*MAITREYA

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eye (Northern Dawn)
New InWorld Main Location - Save SLurl !!!

Tooty Fruity - InWorld / Marketplace / Facebook
SummerTime Crop - White (Omega applier)
Great color selection and price!
Sponsorship through Group, thank you.

White Test Platforms (Slink High) - Sneak Preview!

Standing Pose:
Eternal Dream Poses - InWorld Marketplace Facebook
Talena 09
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Available at The Alchemy Event July 5-25 !!!!

"Beach Tropic" Set
Miami Palms, Hammock, Lounger Sets, Side Table, 
Beach Towel (5 colors), Sun Lotion & Mag Decor
All seated poses are included in the furniture items.
Sponsorship through We Love to Blog, thank you.
Available at the SWANK Event in July 7-31 !!!!


SKIN - Belleza - Inworld
*REDGRAVE* - InWorld Marketplace
Hair TYLER -Brown
Karacter - Marketplace
l Executive Glasses l GIFT
Yeda - Neil (Complete Outfit)