Something In You Has Got My Attention

Excuse me 
I couldn't help but notice 
You noticing me 
And I was definitely noticing you 
My name is 
You know my name 
But listen 
I have a question 

No it ain't like me to drop too hard 
Or go out of my way to know who you are 
Said if you're not one for chasing 
But I'll admit 
Something in you 
Has got my attention girl 
So if I can 
Be a gentleman 
Can I ask your permission girl 

Said if it's alright with you 
Can I know your name 
And maybe call you sometime 
Can I know your name 
Can I know your name 

Looking at you girl I see so much 
So much potential for something better than that 
Like maybe me and you becoming us 
I'm not trying to scare you 
But in your eyes 
I can see why 
People write love songs 
And if God allowed 
I could see how 
I could love you for so long 

                 ~~ Know Your Name, Ne-Yo


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