Reconnection In Spring

Communicating thoughts, feelings, and listening to your loved one are so important in a relationship.  Couples need down-time to talk...to reconnect, sometimes just to "be"sharing a comfortable cuddle.  I'm so excited to share this build with you, by Chalupa Digs Design.  This is the Vesna Palette Bed, showcasing now at The Boardwalk Event.  The furniture and decor (and dog and kitty!) create a delightful intimacy nest for reconnecting.  I brought the set inside my beach house but it's perfect for an outdoor garden spot.  Be careful of the bees!--no kidding, bees included.  We are using one of the included animations.  Available in PG or Adult styles, you're going to want this one.  Snap it up now while it's 25% off at the event.

See you there!


Chalupa Digs Design - Vesna Palette Bed (PG or Adult)
25% Discount off price during Event
 @ Boardwalk Event until June 15th

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The Boardwalk Event
May 15th until June 15th
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