Slipper Originals At The Thrift Shop Times Three!

FiFi cannot decide which of the lovely ladies' heels she wants to chew up. Being a purebred poodle, of course she has very discriminating tastes. These heels confuse her. They all look so pretty, but the smell is similar despite their different appearance. Should we explain to FiFi that these heels are ALL by Slipper Originals? Would she care??  Oh well, WE do! These styles are called Cecily, Anna and Yasmin, and they are available starting today at The Thrift Shop! All three styles come with their own extensive colorchange hud for lots of styling, and they are only 99Ls per fatpack!

Ultimately, FiFi trots away, deciding that these heels are way too pretty to chew up. She is now contentedly chewing on her designer bone. Good girl !!


Heels - Slipper Originals - Only 99Ls per FATPACK !!!
From Left to Right - Cecily, Anna, Yasmin
All include their own extensive colorchange hud
For Slink, Maitreya & TMP
@ The Thrift Shop Now Until August 27th !!

Eternal Dream Poses - InWorld Marketplace Facebook
From Left to Right
Shoes Addict 06, 04, 07

Poodle - Flippant - Inworld Marketplace / Website / Facebook Flickr
Part of the C'est La Vie Collection
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