Amailia Bedroom Set

At Swank this month we find a lovely bedroom set called Amailia, by Dreamland Designs.  It has attractive textures and includes plenty of bento animations.  The lamps turn on/off with subtle illumination.  The set reminds me of decoration for a posh bed n' breakfast stop on the road for a VIP.  And since Swank's theme this month is Hollywood Glam, how appropriate!  I extended the decor with other items by Dreamland Designs, found at the main store.

Happy shopping!


 Dreamland Designs - Amailia Bedroom Set, Adult/PG
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Swank - April Round
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Dreamland Designs - Golden Chrysanthemum Coastal Stone Planter
Dreamland Designs - Cotton Heaven Curtain
Dreamland Designs - Vintage Country Seat -PG
Dreamland Designs - Vintage Rugs

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