Cooling Off In The Ocean

On a hot, sticky day...have you ever just wanted to slip off the side of a boat into the ocean...no matter what you're wearing? I would never do that in real life. For one thing, it's too engrained from childhood. "Don't ruin your pretty shoes, honey." "Change your dress before you go outside to play!" It seemed fun things were not for nice clothing. 

The second reason I would never do it - I can't swim. Really. Oh I took lessons. As a teen and again as an adult. There are a couple of swim instructors who still bear the wounds. Sheepish expression. I made sure my kids took lessons at a very early age.

And yet, I love the water. I love being in it, even completely underwater...just too scared to let go and float. Inner tubes serve me well. We have an outdoor hot tub, that's more my speed. But in my Second Life? I'm going to do it, slip in the ocean, pretty dress and all, and cool off.



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