Evening Bath

Sigh, another weekend is nearing an end. We have a few more hours, let's make the most of them. I've filled the tub with warm, scented water. Smell the lavender with a hint of freesia? From the look you're giving me, I don't think I'll have my TST Creations' lingerie on long but I believe it served it's purpose. With an alluring smile, I slowly begin peeling it off. The beauty of lingerie is in the presentation, no matter how quickly it's shed.

I'm wearing Rezology hair, this style called Blood Oath. It's spectacular as always. Blood Oath is quite long with bangs, and long straight locks in the front. Some is captured up in the back. As the name suggests, this style can also yield itself to roleplay, or fantasy, fashion.

My pose is by NANTRA, and I love it! It's part of a pose collection called Va-Va-Voom, poses included within the beautiful dressing screen. You will find Va-Va-Voom and other wonderful pose collections, including NANTRA's event exclusives at the Vintage Fair 2016. The Fair opens June 10th. By the way, this is a fair you don't want to miss - I had an opportunity to blogger-preview and can attest first-hand.

Now, back to this lingerie that's getting shed, lol. It's called Luana liquid silk, a new release by TST Creations. Luana is intended to be worn as one piece from the top of the corset down to the ankles. It is elegant with a delicate silk design on the corset but also has an avant guard plastic material enhancement for reflective shine. I made intentional use of shadows to show you the effect. All in all, this is an intriguing and very different design!


Hair - Rezology Marketplace
Blood Oath

Lingerie - TST Creations - InWorld Marketplace Facebook
Luana liquid silk 
Appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, Omega & Classic

Pose - {NANTRA} - InWorld / Marketplace
Va-Va-Voom (Screen w/Poses and Texture Change)
50% off @ Vintage Fair 2016 - Opens June 10th
(will update LM closer to opening)

Lighting:  LUMIPro 2016