Explosion of Color, But Black is the Star

When I was a senior in high school (back in the dark ages), I wanted a memorable, standout prom dress. And I wanted it to be different. I listened to the other girls describe their frothy concoctions, in horror. Hoops. Pastel and petticoats?? What were they thinking??? Visions of a Scarlett O'Hara whalebone corset came to mind. How was one supposed to dance in such a getup??

Not for me. I chose a slim black gown with silver details, and danced the night away...while the other girls looked ridiculous with their skirts at odd angles while trying to dance close to their partners. My date's family had a floral shop - a definite boyfriend perk - so I always had the right wrist corsage, this time with a spray of baby red roses and black and white ribbon. We danced and danced. We danced that is, until someone (maybe myself, lol) stepped on my skirt and the hem ripped. A friend brightly offered "Stapler?" NO! Fortunately, I lived mere blocks away and my mom could whipstitch a repair. The difficult part was convincing chaperones at the front desk that my date and I were not sneaking out for "ulterior motives!" Upon our return, I marched past them like, hmmph, you people just don't understand the importance of good fashion (and repaired hemlines when dancing is involved)!


Hair - Rezology Marketplace

Mask - *~*Illusions*~* - Curiata - Marketplace

Dress - Virtual Diva - InWorld / Marketplace / Facebook / Flickr
Majestic Gown, Top, Flexi Skirt & Butterflies
Exclusive Design for Achromatic Windlight Magazine Anniversary

Bracelets - Maxi Gossamer - InWorld
Damasc - Combos 3&4 - SILVER 

Poses - Verocity - InWorld Marketplace Website
Alyssa 5m
(Updated with Mirrors!)

Lighting:  LUMIPro 2016