Monochromatic Swank Evening

The Kuru Lounge Set by Park Place is available at Swank for this month's theme, Monochromatic. This is a delightfully serene furniture set that includes enough decor on its own or you can add more pieces you may already have that compliment.

Also available at Swank is Lilith hair by Letituier, and this lovely Sara Dress - Bandage texture - by Zanze. It has a bold slash at the neckline, almost baring one shoulder seductively. Along with Letituier's Lilith hair comes a crown headband (not depicted here).


Furniture & Decor - [Park Place] - Kuro Lounge Set Complete w/Single Sits & Cuddles
Swank in June !!!

Hair - {Letituier} Lilith Hair
Swank in June !!!

Dress - Zanze - Sara Dress {BANDAGE}
Swank in June !!!

Swank - June
Theme: Monochromatic


Heels - #EMPIRE - Tagetes
Group Gift!

Lighting:  LUMIPro 2016