Purple Rain

 I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted one time to see you laughing
I only wanted to see you
Laughing in the purple rain
 I never wanted to be your weekend lover
I only wanted to be some kind of friend
Baby, I could never steal you from another
It's such a shame our friendship had to end
Purple rain, purple rain
I only wanted to see you
Underneath the purple rain.
                                     ~~ Purple Rain, Prince


:::Phoenix::: - InWorld Marketplace / Facebook
Sneak Peak!  Kathy Hair
@ Fashion Fair 2015 Autumn Edition - October 1-15 !!!

Delilah - Purple Dress, Shoes (Slink High)
Stockings - System & Layer Appliers
Purple Rain Brolly
For the Color Me Project Purple/Yellow until October 5th !!!

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Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Darkling Sea)

NAILS: -{ZOZ}- InWorld Marketplace
Liquid Pink (Slink)

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Ashleigh 08

PURPLE POSES - Sabrina 281


Oh Good Goth

Lydia:  "My life is a dark room. One big dark room." -- Quote from Beetlejuice

It's a little over a month away - my favorite holiday - Halloween! What better way to start out my Halloween blogging season than this dark and adorable goth outfit by Flippant. This is a complete outfit from the top and skirt, the jewelry and tattoo, all the way to the boots with lacy socks in either white or black. There is a color change hud for the skirt texture and change the shoe trim to match! Goth Girl, Naughty School Girl, Halloween party or just whenever, go for it in style. The set comes with alphas for classic avatar wear, and it fits mesh bodies well using the body alphas on your hud.

By the way, Flippant's prices are astonishingly low for all you get. Time to go shopping!


Oh Good Goth - Complete Outfit
Tank, Skirt, Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings
Tattoo, Boots w/Lace Socks

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Plasma)

TRUTH HAIR -  Cynthia

NAILS: -{ZOZ}- InWorld Marketplace
Silver Leaf (Slink)
For The Autumn Effect Hunt until October 3rd !!!
Hunt itself starts HERE

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Midweek Set

Autumn Elegance

My Flemenco Dress by AK Designs is graceful and romantic in style. Inspired by the dance of love, the flamingo, it's sure to stir the heart of your escort as you bend and sway to the music. The shorter skirt in the front shows your legs to true advantage, while the cut-out and longer skirt in the back are sensually stunning. Want to make a statement? Your inventory begs for this addition.  It's available for a very limited time on Marketplace for 150Ls.

This lovely jewelry set is by !It!, called Arabesque. It's a special edition set for the Color Me Project, 50% off through October 5th. I selected gold on gold, but the other colors on the hud are wonderful - colors and price - go see!

Zoz Nails in Silver Leaf are part of the Autumn Effect Hunt through October 3rd. You still have a little time, but you know how waiting until the last minute can foil great plans. Don't wait too long!

Now the HAIR - it's a surprise but hurry!!  See Credits below.


AK Designs - Inworld / Marketplace
Flemenco Dress - Mesh
150Ls on Marketplace !!!!

!IT! (Indulge Temptation) - InWorld Marketplace / Website
Arabesque Necklace, Earrings
Special Edition and 50% off for the Color Me Project
through October 5th !!!

Vanity HairFall Ball-Must Haves
Special and Subject to Change at any Moment!
on Marketplace now for ONLY 50Ls !!!

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Mabel - Bronze

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Eyes by Candace Hudson - Easter Morning Pale Sea

Slink - Ilse Heels White

NAILS: -{ZOZ}- InWorld Marketplace
Silver Leaf (Slink)
For The Autumn Effect Hunt until October 3rd !!!
Hunt itself starts HERE

Eternal Dream Poses - InWorld Marketplace Facebook
Stylish 10


Red Mistress

 She knows how to wield her whip, with unerring accuracy. 
And she knows how to draw it out.  The right rhythm, every time.
But she also knows when to stop, and what her submissive needs next.
The Red Mistress


! Black Swan ! - InWorld Marketplace
Red Mistress Lingerie with Appliers, Includes Garters & Hosiery

DeLa* - Analia Hair

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Paris Green Shadow)

SUGARUSH SKIN - InWorld Marketplace Website
Mabel - Bronze

Xcite! - Signal Whip (metal handle)

POSES:  PosESioN - Limited Edition 3, 4

Stark Delivery


Envious Desires:  InWorld Marketplace Facebook
Simplicity ~ Amber ~ (w/panel skirt - can also be worn without!)
-and- Pump It! Heels InStore

HAIR:  Tameless - InWorld / Marketplace / Website

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Forest Green Shadow)

Maxi Gossamer Mayfair Bell Necklace, Earrings
Valentina's Choker, Earrings
Bangles - Damasc - Silver

NAILS:  Pulcino - Slink Applier - Beast

Eternal Dream Poses - InWorld Marketplace Facebook
Shawna 01

Pose - (marukin) closeup jewellip series - 06

I am wearing:
LeLutka mesh head (Stella), Maitreya Lara body, 
Slink hands & feet (high),
and Glam Affair's Clara applier for LeLutka Head @ Uber Now !!!


Dock of the Bay

This outdoor furniture set by Chez Moi, my new sponsor, comes complete with the dock and pier lamp! It's packed with animations, from blowing bubbles as depicted, to fishing, and even diving and swimming. The barrel seats have single and couple animations, and give props for more fun, including a guitar. You and your sweetie and friends can plan a snack fest too with rezzable food.

The accompanying seagulls have been waiting for me to set the food out.

Tashi has released this fabulous sweater top for the Premium Only Event. Lots of colors and just perfect for cooler weather so we can continue to enjoy our outdoor time. Slink nails too!

I love these jeans by I'piteme! I previously blogged them HERE for the 4th of July. At the time, I remember thinking oh, I wish I could have these jeans with a multi-texture hud, and now my wish has come true! Bunches of color options for the jeans themselves, AND the belt.

The shoes for Slink High are also by I'piteme with a multi-color hud. These shoes are extremely versatile, pairing well with many different styles.

Have you tried Mayfly Eyes yet? Pick up a FREE pair at the store to try, and just try to buy only one color amid the amazing wall-to-wall colors, like these in Pale Grey. Mayfly's mesh eyes come with a hud for easy stylizing changes, like size overall and size of pupils, shadow and luminosity. It includes a static pose ON the hud, another great convenience! Check out the free group eyes, and 60L specials while you're there.


* CHEZ MOI FURNITURES * - InWorld / Website / Facebook
Barril Table with Planks Multiscenes
Half-Barrel Seats (Aqua, Ocean, Red, Yellow)
Navy Decor
Old Wooden Navy Dock
Pier Lamp

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Pale Grey)


Anna top
But I Love It (Slink Nails)
@ Premium Only Event until October 28th !!!

 Supernacular Baggy Jeans
Loafer Stilettos (Slink High)

Eternal Dream Poses - InWorld Marketplace Facebook
Sally 01, 02


Sheryl by NoName

That Which We Love As Purple

That which we love as purple by any other name would be just as grand:
Threads of amethyst in the divine tapestry are interwoven upon demand.
The winter of life is embellished in buoyant dimensions of purple strands,
Like in The Color Purple, I'll wander through purple pastures when I can.
Each majestic mauve and passive purple proves there's no need to be sad.
Were the world mine, all of Earth's shores would be rife with purple sand,
And I would request sparkly purple sunshine, if Nature granted a chance.

I'll ensure that all penchants beyond fuchsia expose my preferential hues,
Because purple anomalies in nature are to be acknowledged and reviewed.
Love covers a multitude of purples, and love accentuates life in music too,
Within all lavender lullabies as well as resplendent chords of purple fugues.
A panorama of purple perennials, purple plums, lavender-lacquered rooms,
Savory purple lollipops, violet sunsets, lavender satin spread across a loom,
Texas bluebonnets and purple sonnets flaunt their colors against the gloom.

"Because there can never be too many poems about the color purple." -Ryan John Payne


NoName - InWorld / Marketplace / Website
Sheryl Dress w/ Hud

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Dark Snow Leopard)

Poison Ivy - InWorld Marketplace (Save New Store Location SLurl)
Pixie Hair

Eternal Dream Poses - InWorld Marketplace Facebook
The Room - Prop w/Poses, Upstairs at Store



Bluebell felt evening descending upon her. She was not a native variety to the land that was her home. She was very rare, almost unique. And alone. The wind had tossed and tumbled her as a tiny seed until she had taken root on this hilltop overlooking the sea. Every day, the breeze ruffled her petals, and sometimes the sun would peek through the dense foliage and warm her. When it rained, Bluebell enjoyed the moisture clinging to her velvety softness. She was untouched by humans, though sometimes Bluebell was aware of the vibrations of children playing in the valley below. She was also untouched by bees. No bees visited this hilltop, and her pollen was not spread. She would remain almost unique and innocent of touch, more so, pure and unharmed. Bluebell had a happy life, all things considered. When she felt something different happening, and glanced down to see the faintest wilt to the edge of a petal, she was not afraid. She simply waited for the evening dew to cloak her in sweet sleep.


Virtual Diva - InWorld / Marketplace Facebook
FLOR Gown with Headpiece, Petals and Train Add-Ons
Exclusive @ The Instruments Event Now !!!

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Deep Seafoam)

MINA Hair - Elsa @ Shiny Shabby Now !!!

Eternal Dream Poses - InWorld Marketplace Facebook
Talena 10


A Phone Call Away

You're just a phone call away
Every day you seem further away

I do my best to throw my pride aside and apologize, cut myself down a notch
(Every day you seem further away)

 I know I said some things that hurt
Through ninety seven missed calls I'll finally get over you
                                                ~~Phone Call, by Forever The Sickest Kids (Good song!)


:::Phoenix::: - InWorld Marketplace
Laura Hair
Group GIFT !!!

Judelin Dress
Tigress Nails Hud - SLink, Belleza, Omega
@ ToBeOutsider (TBO) Event until October 11th !!!
Also TBO Group Gift Below - Bumble Bee Nails

ALLISON Heels (Slink High)

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Bright Monet Mist)

Maxi Gossamer - Bangles - Damasc

Eternal Dream Poses - InWorld Marketplace Facebook
Neige 05, Anna 10

keke ] Glass vase w/ magnolias pink

Rupsy Roo - Building Home & Garden - InWorld
Phone Chat Bench/Mail Organizer (Includes rezzing book)


Urban Sizzle


Poison Ivy - InWorld Marketplace (Save New Store Location SLurl)
Vale Hair
@ Saving Sight Event -  See Poster Below

!BOUGIE! - InWorld  / Facebook
Marketplace:  Clothes & Shoes, -or- Tats & Makeup
Sage Leggin Outfit Black

.:Glow Designs:. - InWorld Marketplace Website
Noah Pointed Pump Tiger
Cosmopolitan until September 27th !!!

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Soft Majorelle)

Maxi Gossamer Mayfair Bell Necklace, Earrings
Black Sun - Gold - Necklace, Earrings

Eternal Dream Poses - InWorld Marketplace Facebook
Tallulah 09, Stylish 02


She Says It's Lingerie

...but I say it's a bikini. I'm sure I'piteme is correct in what she designed, but wouldn't it be spectacular as a bikini too? So maybe it won't hold up to pool chlorine or ocean salt, dashing my idea to shreds. Okay, I'll settle for it's perfect either way - all under hotness or ultimate sexy on the beach. Which way would you wear it?


Boho Bra and Panties (System and Appliers)
Lots of Colors!

.:Glow Designs:. - InWorld Marketplace Website
Khandi Shoes Silver/Gold
@ Designer Circle until 10/03/15 !!!

SUGARUSH SKIN - InWorld Marketplace Website
Alice _Bronze_02_Eyebrow B

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Paris Green Shadow)

TRUTH HAIR -  Stevie

.:Glint:. - InWorld Marketplace Website
Mixed Platinum bangles

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Sweet Baby 07, 08

Tainted Wings


MishMash Fusion - InWorld Marketplace Website
Ambush Twisted Qi Balance Set - Includes top, skirt & boots in White, OR Black
Twisted Hunt #14 Fall 2015 - More Info HERE

/Wasabi Pills/ Blair Mesh Hair

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Saella 05

Autumn Hike


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Kate - Mesh Sweater & Scarf (color huds included)
End of Hunt Prize for Enmeshed Hunt !!!

NoName Emi Sneakers (color hud included) - at InWorld Store!

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Sloane Jeans

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eye (Paris Green Shadow)

~Tableau Vivant~ Writer Hair - Braid

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Reiko 05