A Firm Yet Loving Hand

She saw the man on the hill taking photographs. She waved, and after a hesitation, he waved back. This must be the applicant. He made his way over, more slowly than she would have liked. "Bonjour," she began. He said "Oh I'm sorry, I don't speak French. I hope it's okay that I was taking pictures, you have a beautiful place here." She responded, "Thank you. That's fine, I like thorough."

She led him to the rear of the chateau, and offered refreshment which he courteously declined. She smiled, "Good, a man who gets straight to business. Show me your hands." He said "My...hands, why?" He thought how fortunate he was, to have merely stopped to take tourist pics and now to be spending time with this lovely woman. She said "Because you must be firm yet loving with your touch." His mind ran away with itself, as he repeated, "My...touch." She wondered if he was a bit daft. "Yes, your touch. You must show me your ability to hold firmly yet lovingly, and shape and mold. It's a requirement." His eyes began sparkling. 

She said "Would you prefer to change first?" He grinned, "Oh I think I'm ready now." She said "All right, let's go round them up!" He said "Round what/who up?" She tilted her head, amused, "The sheep, of course, for shearing. What did you think I meant?" 


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