The weather is getting colder with the change of season, and don't we just want to put on some comfortable, warm jammies and snuggle under the covers? Envious Desires released this cozy and surprisingly sexy full body jumper for the OnPoint Sales Event. This is Version 2 and you can choose your color. There is also a Version 1 available in a variety of solid, footless colors. Cute! The texture is very good on these and includes realistic fold/wrinkle marks.

I like multi-use clothing. Add some boots and jewelry to this for your own special look and take it out on the town. Pop a jacket over it. How about a mesh belt jauntily askew on the hips. Envious Desires often makes it easy to allow for creative accessorizing.

The Patchwork Autumn Side Table is by Irrie's Dollhouse. It's the store's Group Gift this month! I particularly like the texturing on this - and it will coordinate with other piece's by Irrie's Dollhouse for a lovely furniture grouping in your own home. I prefer eclectic groupings myself, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and it all blends into uniqueness, the way we all are!

Click the above pics to enlarge. These decor items are all available at StoraxTree. What truly fabulous stuff! TP over inworld, or scan through the offerings on Marketplace. StoraxTree always has ongoing sales for multiple events, and switched out weekly. I guarantee you'll find something to accent your living space.


TRUTH HAIR -  Ximena

Envious Desires - Luscious Jumper V2 ~ White 
Classic & Omega/Baby Bump Appliers
@ OnPoint Event Now!!!

 Irrie's Dollhouse - InWorld Marketplace Website
Patchwork Autumn Side Table

Joie de Modestie Room Divider Bg
Seattle Loft Suitcases on Table Aq
Clay and Bamboo Vases An

10Ls on Marketplace !!

KaTink - Round Sofa 1.0
Pose and Deep Red Long Stem Rose