Love's Dove

Once upon a time, in a kingdom long ago, a traveling prince fell in love with the Queen's handmaiden. He was so smitten he gave her a ring of ruby and diamonds and promised to return to her after the Crusades. The Queen, envious of his attention elsewhere and to her servant, no less,
had her sorceress turn the prince into a white dove.

The handmaiden, prostrate with grief, visited him in the aviary daily. He consoled her as best he could, staying near, and cooing gentle words in her ear.

He told her, finally, that he must leave if he were to ever break the Sorceress' curse. The handmaiden said, but it's not possible! You could be struck by a hunter's arrow! He let her stroke his downy feathers as he reassured, then I've but to soar like an eagle and no arrow will find its mark.

She said but what if the forest rages with fire? The prince calmed her, then like the phoenix, I will rise to return to you. My love.


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