Flippant's new outfit collection is called Preppy. And what an adorable set it is! With such cute preppy attire, I started looking for a location to take pics. In search, I came across the Builder's Brewery. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind (university, campus, books), but suddenly I warmed to the idea. The Builder's Brewery is a location dedicated to helping Second Life builders and scripters. They offer classes and sell items that assist experienced and budding builders alike. I took a shot of their calendar board.

Without builders in our virtual world, what would there be to see and do? If you have any interest in building, I'd encourage you to take a tour of Builder's Brewery; you may find something that inspires you to learn or build. And we thank you for that!

The location itself actually has several lovely spots for pics. The sim is all dressed for fall.

 Truth's Fynnea hairstyle and scarf textures worked perfectly with this outfit.

Included are pics of all the color options for Flippant's Preppy outfit. The top and skirt themselves are great, with wonderful textures. Add to your purchase heels, a matching handbag AND a watch? WELL worth the price of only 229Ls !!!

I'm wearing Mayfly Eyes (as almost always). My nails are by Zoz; this particular hud of rich colors is available at Cosmopolitan now.

The watch is a fabulous accessory, included with the outfit !!!

Shoe options. A girl can never have enough shoes.

Or handbags for that matter. I haven't shown every handbag color in these final shots. (Why not? You photographed all colors of everything else! - I think you can use your imagination by now, lol.)

 I didn't even get to the mix-and-matching colors part!  *facepalms*


TRUTH HAIR -  Fynnea

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Darkling Sea)

Includes Sweater, Skirt, Heels (Slink High, Maitreya, Belleza) & Handbag
Standard Mesh & Fitted (Huds for clothing, heels & handbag)
Also includes Watch (It does tell time!)

ZOZ - Fall/Winter Solid Double
Cosmopolitan until November 21st !!!

Eternal Dream Poses - InWorld Marketplace Facebook
Cecilia Set

Image Essentials - Inworld Marketplace - Accessorise 5m

Signature Pose - Marketplace - Jewellery 004, 005

LOCATION:  Builders Brewery