Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Gobble gobble, indeed!  I have a whole, whole bunch to share with you in the post. I've been thinking about covering more sponsor items in each blog post because I have so many wonderful, productive sponsors. With separate posts I often don't have the opportunity to share everything with you with time constraints. We'll see how this goes. It's more work for each one, but hopefully I can show you more! I'm sure every post won't be this jam packed, but I will try to do this often.

For your Memory Books! Image Essentials has released these fabulously fun photo props for Thanksgiving. They can be found at the Thrift Shop, and also at the store landing area now that the holiday is upon us.

Image Essentials - Inworld
Gobble Gobble Photo Prop
The Thanksgiving Photo Prop Booth is also at the landing area
at the store for anyone wishing to have some fun with the holiday props.

Here is a pic of the props!


TRUTH HAIR -  Chilali

Eyes: Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Forest Green Shadow)

Makeup: Blacklace Beauty - Visage Autumn Leaves for Lelutka Heads

Nails: -{ZOZ}- Snowflake Gem Fade (Slink Hud)
@ Cosmopolitan through December 5th !!!

Morea Style released this mesh outfit, complete with necklace and earrings. If feels like a sexy fall outfit to me, so I've included it here for the holiday weekend. This is Shadey in Anthracite, with three other colors available. I really like the style, it's attention getting yet understated at the same time. This could be worn for all sorts of activities or events. It would be a great concert or casual dance choice. Or even relaxing at home.

Here is another shot of the Snowflake Gem Fade nails from Zoz.  A quick click of the hud and I'm wearing a different color. I also loaded up on another eyeshadow option from Blacklace Beauty. These are called Galaxy and the hud includes different subtle colors for the upper lids and a nice liner ring. I prefer darker liners like these myself.

I am also wearing Zhora Design (*ZD*) Lipstick Set 1, found HERE on Marketplace.


*~*Damselfly*~* Bebe Hair

Eyes: Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Deep Paris Shadow)

Morea Style - InWorld Marketplace / Website
Shadey (Anthracite) Mesh Sweater & Pants, Includes Necklace & Earrings


Overlow Poses - Pack 36 (1)
shi.S. - hand two pose

I adore this winter sweater dress! This is Jonquil in Pink by !Bougie! It has a turtleneck, long sleeves and sassy little slits at the hemline. There are different colors to suit your personal style. Stop by the PHAT Fashion Fair to pick up yours.

I also finally tp'd over to N-core to pick up my fatpack of the Alexandra boots. I had to have 'em. The boots can be worn with or without the socks, and include so many different part color options I'm happily mind boggled with options.

The scrumptious hair, Eliza, is by Tableau Vivant and available now at the Fantasy Collective. (If I want to have any lindens left, I need to stay away from the Fantasy Collective, wink. Possible intervention time.)



N-core ALEXANDRA Boots (Wearing Maitreya version)

Tableau Vivant \\ Eliza hair

POSES:  Label Motion - Megan 2, 5
-Nex Bit- - Marketplace
Behind 001-3

Since it's Thanksgiving, it's the perfect time for sharing Chez Moi's Shabby Kitchen Complete (adult version). And by complete, Chez Moi MEANS complete! Included are: Bless All of Us Picture, Chocolate Cake, Cookbook and Eggs, Grease Fighter, Kitchen Basket, Recipe Books, Bench, Bread Box (it opens and closes), Cabinet, Chairs, Crockery, Dish Rack, Flower Jar, Red Stove, Sink & Cabinet, and Table. 

Here I'm starting to prepare a huge Thanksgiving Dinner.  It's a good thing I have recipe books for reference! This set is packed with props and animations we expect from Chez Moi. I wonder what the adult couple poses are....

My friend Lucky Serrari joined me for the meal, all rezzables with the table! He got his pic snapped too for this post, and told after the fact. I'm glad he's such a good sport! I believe Lucky's outfit is a sneak peek at something he's working on for HIS next post. Not to put any pressure on him to publish or anything. ;) What he describes is going to be awesome!

The pizza rezz looked so good I included this pic. How many folks will be eating pizza instead of turkey for the holiday? It sure looks tasty!

Fancy or casual with pizza, we can all agree that some kind of dessert is required!


* CHEZ MOI FURNITURES * - InWorld Website / Facebook
Shabby Kitchen Complete (Adult)

Here is another super cute outfit by !Bougie! It's also available at the PHAT Fashion fair with color options. The sweater and scarf are separate pieces. They, of course, fit well and look great together, but I know they will mix-and-match with other items in your inventory. Just in time for this cooler weather.

Whew! Made it to the end of this long post! HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYONE! Hugs.


RENEE Jeans (wearing Omega applier)

Image Essentials - Inworld
Thrift Shop Gacha Items
Happy Thanksgiving Photo Prop