Roller Girl

I absolutely loved to roller skate as a kid. Maybe you did too? The skating rink was a popular hangout into my teens. I have a lot of great family, friend, boyfriend memories at the skating rink. One of my funniest/fondest memories of my dad - you know how they would sometimes announce, "Okay, STOP...turn around...and goooooo the OTHER way...."  Well, my dad couldn't gooooo the other way, couldn't do a "walkover" to the right. He would just head for the back wall and smack into it to stop!

OPOPOP has released this cute jacket, top (both mesh) and classic or omega applier shorts for The Fantasy Gacha. Cute colors, and the pieces layer nicely. Definitely worth checking it out! I'm rollin' on, decked out in style.

The skates? I RAN to Kustom9 for the skates from N-Core, so I could skate away with the whole darn pack. These skates "convert" to ice skates too via the hud, and can be worn with or without the leg warmers, all in a myriad of colors. I've got to say, these are the most realistic skates I've ever seen in Second Life. I may never take them off. ;)

It got hot, all this skating, so I took my jacket off. ;) I have coordinated with a bold and fun beaded necklace from {U.R.} Designs. Different ribbon colors are available. 

Mayfly peepers!


Magika [Hair] - InWorld Marketplace
Empty Gold

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Rainshower Shadow)

OPOPOP - Draque Jacket, Daredise Tank, and 
Little One Shorts (Classic & Omega Applier)

{U.R.} Fashion Designs - Blue Fine Beaded Necklace
Color Selection!

N-Core - Skates
@ Kustom9 Now !!!

Eternal Dream Poses - InWorld Marketplace Facebook
Iris 02, Summerish 10

LOCATION:  Skate Town