Planet Roboto

While out on my evening stroll, I found the cutest little fellow! He seemed a bit shy at first, so I lured him out of a dark corner by dancing. He joined in and began to follow me. I think he was doing the robot!

He expressed interest in my jewelry. I told him they were rubies and pearls. He boasted that on his planet (Planet Roboto, he hastened to add), he had mounds and mounds of jewels. I think he was trying to lure me home with him! I cast a suspicious look his way and after a beat, he said in a tinny voice, "....mama."

Awww, well that settled it, I was definitely taking him home! Hey, what, what are you doing? Nooooo, you can't have MY little guy, go get one of your own!


Skin - Insol - Catwa Face Applier 'Daria' (wearing Candy)
w/ Maitreya Body Applier

Hair - Rezology - InWorld
Now Lower Complexity !!

Eyes - Catwa - Mesh Eyes

Eyeshadow - La Boheme - Stella v2 *Catwa Applier*

We <3 Roleplay until October 31st !!

Outfit - Apple Heart, Inc. - InWorld / Marketplace / Facebook
Knotted Mesh Shirt, Mesh Capris, Flat Skull Thong Sandals
Lots of Fits and Texture Hud 
rezology Wanderlust

Jewelry - Zuri Rayna Jewelry - InWorld Website Facebook Flickr
Antique Pearls - Tropical Ruby/Mocha/Gold
Choker, Earrings, Bracelet

My Little Buddy - Serenity Style - MYCUF Gold
@ The Project Se7en until October 30th !!

Pose - {NANTRA} - InWorld
Alaka 'i Hula Set
2, 6

Lighting - LUMIPro 2016