Spooky Cabin in the Woods

While I was formulating this post, it started taking on a mind of its own! My original, singular intent was to share with you this adorable outfit by .sass. It's called Keep on Dancing and you'll find it at the Pretty Things Showroom & Event. It even has accompanying lingerie, bra and panties. You can see the cute little bow of the panties peeping out over the pants. The tiptoe sneakers are included.

Then, a reverse for me, I added Zuri Rayna's Witch jewelry, consisting of this sparkly choker and matching earrings. (I usually start with jewelry and build from there, wink). All good little witches need this jewelry, super cute! It's very sparkly and emits a little bling to be eye catching.

I had just purchased this marvelous hairstyle by Dela, at Uber, called Kristy, and am very happy to model it for you. This is the materials enabled version, and it's quite to-die-for. It adds some moonglow to my tresses.

I'm wearing Catwa mesh eyes. I noticed while working on my pics that I do believe I've gotten a bit other-worldly with my glow option, but went along anyway...since I'm a little witch girl this month. ;) I made a mental note to turn down the glow. This was a "start on post at night/finish in the morning" work in progress; when I logged in I found that there's been an update to Catwa's eyes. Hey, no toning down the glow, just replace with the new ones!

So this is where I started getting a little go-crazy with my post! While unboxing things for .sass, I noticed the designer, Sass Heroux, has made a little Haunted Cabin. This build is available at the Twe12ve event. Love it! Great texturing, and inside there's even a window with lace curtains (shown in close up pic above). Sure I'll blog it - I like blogging builds, landscaping, etc. when I can. I dove into my Swank folder. OMG, Yep, went a little crazy. I added items by Tm Creation, Balderdash, and Outside the Box! You seriously NEED to shop at Swank this month - the Halloween/Gothy stuff is fantastic for clothing AND decor! Spruce up your place as befits the season.

My partner, Easy, was patiently waiting for me to work on my post....elsewhere...or so I thought! When he finally spoke up, we realized that he'd been standing near me all along. There'd been an SL glitch and I couldn't see him. He appeared after a relog. So! Since I could finally see him again! - lol - I put him to work posing with me. These animations are part of Tm Creation's [Moments] Cuddle Wooden Chest, and there are lots of 'em! I highly recommend picking this up to enjoy time with your sweetie.

Behind us, and not giving it the justice it deserves with my photography, is The Brew Window by Outside the Box! It is a full length window box avec dark curtains and a witch brewing scene. It even has a little surprised pose with it, quite fun for pics and story themes.

Enjoy the season, and have fun!


Skin - DeeTalez - Gillian applier for Catwa Candy - Eastern
w/ Maitreya Body Applier

Hair - =DeLa*= - Kristy

Eyes - Catwa - Mesh Eyes

Makeup - Bold & Beauty - Megan

Outfit - .Sass. - Keep Dancing
Cami Top, Black Pants, Tippy Toe Sneakers
Maitreya, Slink(s), Belleza(s)

Jewelry - Zuri Jewelry - InWorld Website Facebook Flickr
Sparkly Choker, Earrings

Cat - ..::THOR::.. - Meowix The Cat (Red) *GIFT*
Cosmopolitan - Anniversary Round - until October 22nd !!

Cabin - .Sass. - The Haunted Cabin
(for more info about the cabin, click HERE)

Landscaping/Decor - .:Tm:. Creation
 H7 Autumn Deco: Dead Trees, Gourds and plants
[P2F] Pathway Wood  w/ Ferns Half Middle curve mesh
[AG6] Garden Autumn Pumpkins Arrangement Mesh CM
H8 Pumpkin Plant Autumn Arrangement Mesh 1
[GM12] Garden GOTHIC Plants Rocks Arrangement CM
H7 Halloween Pumpkin Lanterns with Raven
[Moments] Cuddle Wooden Chest 4Sit S7.c Rustic

Gravestones - Balderdash - Cemetery Starter Kit
Monuments (withered, and green)
Gravestones (Obelisk, Pointed Deaths Head, Light Willow, Cross)

Window - Outside The Box!
The Brew Window

Swank - October
Theme: Goth !! - Spooktacular Joint Event & Hunt


Pose - Verocity
Jacey 5m, 3
Check for this set at Suicide Dollz through October 20th !!
Only 50Ls for the set, including Mirrors, during Event!

Click Ad Pic to Enlarge

Lighting - LUMIPro 2016