The business of beauty isn't a natural model

The business of beauty isn't a natural model
It's built to be the opposite of the cultures we topple
These magazines got you caught in a hustle,
'cause when you starve yourself your body doesn't burn fat, it burn muscles
And men who don't even like women control the business
That's why the women look like men and the men like bitches
I'll break it down as God as my witness
Remember Sambo caricatured characteristics?
Now who got the collagen under their lipstick?
Implanted Arabic hips, surgical sickness
A bipolar society that claims to be righteous
Sprayed paint an artifical melanin, tryin' to be like us
Livin' in a pathetic epidemic
Schizophrenics buyin' a synthetic body with credits
You mad that I said it, but you know that I'm right
Find the natural beauty and get you some natural love tonight

Their lies can't fade your beauty
You gotta know who you are
Stay strong and always remember
The truth in your heart
Don't forget there are those who
Benefit from your scars
And who deny what's natural

                ~~Natural Beauty, Immortal Technique


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