Bluebell felt evening descending upon her. She was not a native variety to the land that was her home. She was very rare, almost unique. And alone. The wind had tossed and tumbled her as a tiny seed until she had taken root on this hilltop overlooking the sea. Every day, the breeze ruffled her petals, and sometimes the sun would peek through the dense foliage and warm her. When it rained, Bluebell enjoyed the moisture clinging to her velvety softness. She was untouched by humans, though sometimes Bluebell was aware of the vibrations of children playing in the valley below. She was also untouched by bees. No bees visited this hilltop, and her pollen was not spread. She would remain almost unique and innocent of touch, more so, pure and unharmed. Bluebell had a happy life, all things considered. When she felt something different happening, and glanced down to see the faintest wilt to the edge of a petal, she was not afraid. She simply waited for the evening dew to cloak her in sweet sleep.


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