Sheryl by NoName

That Which We Love As Purple

That which we love as purple by any other name would be just as grand:
Threads of amethyst in the divine tapestry are interwoven upon demand.
The winter of life is embellished in buoyant dimensions of purple strands,
Like in The Color Purple, I'll wander through purple pastures when I can.
Each majestic mauve and passive purple proves there's no need to be sad.
Were the world mine, all of Earth's shores would be rife with purple sand,
And I would request sparkly purple sunshine, if Nature granted a chance.

I'll ensure that all penchants beyond fuchsia expose my preferential hues,
Because purple anomalies in nature are to be acknowledged and reviewed.
Love covers a multitude of purples, and love accentuates life in music too,
Within all lavender lullabies as well as resplendent chords of purple fugues.
A panorama of purple perennials, purple plums, lavender-lacquered rooms,
Savory purple lollipops, violet sunsets, lavender satin spread across a loom,
Texas bluebonnets and purple sonnets flaunt their colors against the gloom.

"Because there can never be too many poems about the color purple." -Ryan John Payne


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