Happy Valentine's Day, Darling

It's Valentine's Day! Enjoy the special people in your life, not just this one day, but every day. 

My sweetheart and I are modeling His & Hers PJs by Js Creations. Purchase the set, and transfer the match to your partner! These PJs are mesh sizing in red. Cute, cute, cute! Come on out to the Swank Event for this charming set and so much more.

Dip pose by Verocity! See credits below.

Furniture is by Park Place, called the Cosmopolitan Living Room. All pieces shown are part of the set, and the desk and chair are actually the store's group gift for Swank! Let the lure of all the lovely GIFTS compel you to the event, they're worth it! I really like this living room set, and very happily played with the scene changer on the faux window. Looks like it's outside the house, doesn't it. Nope, that's actually a window scene change on an inside wall!

Laughing, I dont know why but in the pose above, it appears he might be tentatively waiting for permission to have football on tv all day. 


*Js* Creations - His & Hers Matching XOXO PJs Swank

Park Place - Cosmopolitan Living Room Swank
Includes:  Black Leather Sofa, Area Rug, Coffee Table
w/Accessories, Faux Window w/ Scene Changes, Floor Plant,
Gray Leather Chair, & Ottomans w/ or w/o Pillow.
Walnut Console Desk and Chair - February Swank Gift !!


Pose - Verocity - InWorld Marketplace Website
Dip Me 
Click Here for Info - Vintage Valentine Hunt !! through February 29th

Pose (Me Laying Down):  Double Take - Down and Out Set (Seafoam)

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