Walk a Mile in my Shoes 2

What. You don't dress like this for Mardi Gras too?

My shoes are really quite comfortable for all the walking I'll be doing this weekend during daytime Mardi Gras Festivities. Got my shoes (quack, quack), got my top hat, and necklace by The Happy Hat. You can get yours too, cheap cheap! for the Walk a Mile in my Shoes Hunt! Click the link below for instructions.

I tossed on my super fun outfit by I'piteme! The standard mesh women's zippered hoodie is available in the colors on a pic of the Hud below. I'm also wearing I'piteme's Special Kandy Edition of Don't Be So Nosey Baggy Jeans in Pink. Roomy pockets and bagginess! I think you'll hear some comments about these, get your funny comments ready! All the better for stowing BEADS. That's what the zippered hoodie is for, don't ya know. Earning beads. ;)


/Wasabi Pills/ - Jessie Mesh Hair

Womens Zippered Hoodie - Standard Mesh
Don't Be So Nosey Baggy Pink Special Kandy Edition - Standard Mesh

The Happy Hat - Hat, Necklace, Slippers
Walk a Mile in my Shoes Hunt !!

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