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Take a few moments to click through the RFL Home & Garden Expo 2016 website. If you click the Shopping Guide tab, there are pics of the items for sale with pricing information. SL creators have gathered together at the Expo to raise real money to support Relay for Life efforts. A tremendous amount of the items are 100% donations! Their talent gathers us, the collective buyers, as we ALL support this wonderful cause.

The area I was assigned to cover is Hope 2. (Note: Kaerri is in Hope 8 - I blog Kaerri items through the We Love To Blog group.) I mention Hope 2 because you'll be able to see closer pics of the items above. These decor items are exquisite in detail and charm. Even the chamber pot is...the chamber pot! Who put the chamber pot on the table!! It has an animation, btw. I guess we can't have a chamber pot without the animation, right? On a more serious note, the Wounded Angels Companion Booklet by DECADES Gallery is humbling and inspiring. It's an interactive book filled with historical stories of women's struggle with breast cancer.

Such amazing things, and all at one Expo for us to explore.


Thistle Homes @ RFL Home & Garden Expo 2016 !!
Gateleg Jacobean Table Dark Wood
Oriental Rug White-Beige
100% donation to Relay for Life !!

DECADES Galleries @ RFL Home & Garden Expo 2016 !!
Framed Sketch - "The House that Jack Built"
Animated 18th Century Chamber Pot
Art Nouvea Sunflower Tile, Asian Tabletop Frame
c. 1900 Japanese Crane Serving Plate w/ Origami
Ebonized Neoclassical Armchair
The Wounded Angels Companion Booklet

Orchid Vase 
Orchid Arrangement
Pink Hydrangeas (Hunt Gift)

For More Information:
Website:  RFL Home & Garden Expo 2016 - Through March 7th

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